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    Of Rob’s New Book, “The Perfect-Retirement® Formula”

    Enjoy a confident Retirement

    Thanks to a revolutionary yet proven breakthrough in retirement finance, you can have reassurance in your retirement strategy by owning only the upside of the market. Optional upside-only investing is a strategic platform that allows people at or near retirement age to:
    » Enjoy market-based returns with zero exposure to any market risk to principal
    » Lock in inflation-beating income growth.

    The basis of your customized retirement formula, upside-only investing gives you the potential to own a generous portion of the market's upside movement whenever the market turns north — even if it's starting from a position well below where you first bought-in. And your principal never turns downward with a declining market. This enables you to build a “lifestyle income” that you can't outlive.

    While safeguarding your nest egg is vital, financial stability alone isn't enough to fulfill those long-ago daydreams of a happy, satisfying retirement. That takes the principal growth and/or income growth potentially available through Senior Safety Net's optional upside-only investing platform.

    Our program also enables you to help minimize tax exposure and achieve your family's legacy goals.

    Depending on the features you choose, you can even set up this account with no fees deducted from your principal when you open the account, or at any time thereafter.

    And no matter how many assets you have, you'll be wealthy in spirit, knowing that you can potentially grow your retirement savings while helping protect them.

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    Rob has the specialized training to take you through retirement years, and safeguard and preserve your nest egg for you and your family.
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    Mike was trained by the best to include the US Army as an Airborne Ranger, and 20+ years with Johnson & Johnson holding many top-tier management positions. His skills and expertise keep him focused on what’s important – you and your Family!
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